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The University of Alabama celebrates the ongoing efforts of faculty and staff to engage students in innovative research and entrepreneurship. The University is committed to providing faculty and students with the resources and staff support that turn imagination and inspiration into reality.

Pursuing discovery and dissemination of knowledge through research, creative scholarship and technology transfer that impacts our students, our state, the nation and the world.


Current Research Job Openings


Featured Research Job Openings:

Education Research Facilitator - Coping Power Facilitator - Huntsville - 517048 212701 - Special Ed and Multiple Abilities 517048 Huntsville Alabama United States Huntsville Education Research/Scientific The Education Research Facilitator will be responsible for leading the implementation of education research. This may include recruiting research participants, administering assessments to research participants, and analyzing data.
Research Aide - Research Aide for ESPRMC - 517150 212601 - Ed Studies Psy/Res Method/Counsel 517150 Tuscaloosa Alabama United States Tuscaloosa Education Research/Scientific Assists in research work in support of a major research project which may include duties such as gathering, tracking and entering data, preparing support material, etc.
Research Project Coordinator - Research MRI Operator - 517097 750801 - Alabama Life Research Institute 517097 Tuscaloosa Alabama United States Tuscaloosa Economic Development Research/Scientific The Research Project Coordinator assists with contributing to various aspects of a major research project or program which may include conducting research.
Asst Research Professional - Assistant Research Economist - 517111 206201 - Ctr for Business and Econ Research 517111 Tuscaloosa Alabama United States Tuscaloosa CBA Research/Scientific The Assistant Research Professional should show evidence of competence in the disciplinary area of the position and demonstrated promise of moving towards excellence in professional leadership, practice, and/or research and scholarly activities as...
Research Tech Analyst I - Assistant Licensing Associate - 515888 702109 - Innovation & Commercialization 515888 Tuscaloosa Alabama United States Tuscaloosa Assoc VP Research Research/Scientific The Research Tech Analyst I assists with analyzing the details of research contracts and agreements, including intellectual property and technology transfer agreements.
Research Project Coordinator - 516958 204711 - Psychology 516958 Tuscaloosa Alabama United States Tuscaloosa Arts and Sciences Research/Scientific The Research Project Coordinator assists the director in the creative/content formulations of the program and is responsible for doing research.