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Brick, Roof, Window, Spire, Building, Tower, Steeple, Architecture

College of Arts & Sciences

Dome, Architecture, Building, Planetarium, Office Building, Pillar, Column

College of Communication & Information Sciences

Landscape, Nature, Outdoors, Scenery, Aerial View, Campus, Urban, Neighborhood, Building, Road

College of Engineering

College, Campus, Office Building, Building

Culverhouse College of Business

Bench, Furniture, Grass, Plant, Building, Architecture, Office Building, Campus

College of Community Health Sciences

Office Building, Building, Campus, College, Plaque, Plant, Architecture, Clock Tower, Tower

College of Education

Grass, Plant, Mansion, Housing, Building, House, Villa, Lawn, Architecture

College of Human Environmental Sciences

Window, Building, Postal Office, Door

Capstone College of Nursing

Patio, Outdoors, Porch, Garden, Arbour, Pergola, Handrail, Banister, Flagstone

School of Law

Plant, Grass, Tree, Campus, Office Building, Building, College, Leaf, Architecture

School of Social Work

Grass, Plant, Lawn, Campus

Honors College

Handrail, Banister, Railing, Building, Architecture, Tree, Plant, Pillar, Grass, Housing

Graduate School

Grass, Plant, Tower, Architecture, Building, Lawn, Tree, Campus, Person

Office for Academic Affairs

Grass, Plant, Person, Lawn, Campus, Building, Office Building, Architecture

Office for Research and Economic Development

Plant, Architecture, Building, Flower, Blossom, Pillar, Column, Office Building, Porch

University Libraries